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Maximize Your Community Impact

Our algorithm matches job seekers with local service providers that can help with their support and professional needs, keeping families together.

Our Service Providers

Why partner with us?

Retention rate. When employers, clients, and SSPs are engaged and actively using the platform.

Supportive Services. The average returning citizen requires minimum of 2 additional supportive services along with employment.

As a member of our support network, you are integral to the success of our job seekers. Our holistic approach to supporting our clients through their personal and professional journey begins with you.

Why Partner With Us?

Our software helps you improve case management outcomes and increase funding opportunities.

Modernize Your Case Management

Our dashboard allows you to scale your impact by focusing on clients that need your support the most. Manage case notes and communicate with your clients all in one place. No more notebooks and manilla folders!

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Receive New Client Referrals

Based on services provided and location, our algorithm matches you with new clients in your area. Or, you can onboard existing clients.

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Track Your Impact

Get access to real time analytics, create impact reports to share with funders, and track your client and organization's engagement metrics

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Our Belief

"It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to support and uplift someone through the challenges and obstacles of life."

How it works?


Create Your Profile

Add your organization's details; name, location, services provided, and contact info.


Receive Client Referrals

Our algorithm matches you with clients seeking supportive services in your area.


Manage Client Journey

Utilize our dashboard to help manage your client's personal and professional journey.

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Explore our service provider resources.

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