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Fair Chance Employment Platform

Solving America's workforce shortage through fair chance employment.

Our Employers

Reentering the workforce? No problem.

The Way Out was founded by two justice impacted individuals (one a Navy Veteran) that believe in the power of utilizing difficult past experiences to create an even better future. That's why they decided to create the most felon-friendly second chance employment platform in America.

Free for all Job Seekers

All employers are 100% committed to fair chance hiring.

Access to a network of Supportive Services Providers

There's Power in Your Story

Our contextualized software takes into consideration all of your personal, life, armed forces and professional experiences when matching you with employment opportunities.

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How it works?

Life can be harder upon your return. Our platform makes it easier.


Create Your Profile

Our platform creates a blind, contextual profile that removes your name, address, employment gaps and other information that traditionally cause biases from employers.


Identify Additional Support Needs

We'll match you with a Supportive Services Provider (SSP) in your area that can help with your personal and professional journey. You can manage your personalized journey in our dashboard.


Apply For Jobs

Our platform is designed for job seekers who've recently reentered the workforce.

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For Employers

While other fair chance employment platforms only focus on bringing employers and employees together, The Way Out additionally focuses on development and retention by offering ongoing training and support opportunities.

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For Service Providers

Our platform simplifies your process, allowing your organization to provide even better services at scale while improving employment outcomes for your clients.

True Stories

What others say about The Way Out


I found my dream job!

After creating an account with The Way Out and answering a few questions, like what are things I'm interested in, my personal strengths, my skill sets, credentials and certifications, I received notice of my dream job.

Daniel - Job Seeker


Great hiring experience!

The Way Out recommended an applicant with no information that we could use to identify them. We decided to interview this person, interviewed them, and they've occupied that role now for almost a year very successfully.

Anthony - Employer


We love The Way Out!

We love sending our clients to The Way Out! Not only are our clients able to find great jobs, but we're also able to keep our clients on track in meeting their personal and professional life through the app.

Caroline - Service Provider

See the impact we've made in the fight against recidivism.

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