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(81%) of HR professionals believe the quality of hire of workers with criminal records is about the same or better than workers without – up from 67% who said the same in 2018.

of HR professionals and 81% of business leaders believe workers with criminal records perform their jobs just as well as or better than workers without criminal records.

Source: SHRM

Up To 100,000,000

working-age US adults have been convicted of a crime. An additional 2.3 million are currently incarcerated.

Source: The Sentencing Project

Increase Employee Retention

When employers, service providers, and job seekers utilize our platform, the job retention rate is nearly 90%.

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Reduce Recruitment Costs

Find resources to help your organization with tax credits, training reimbursements, and other financial incentives to save on labor costs.

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Create An Inclusive Culture

Diversify your talent pool and cultivate a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and innovation. Our cloaking mechanism ensures there will be no implicit biases in the recruiting process. Help build communities and keep families together.

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Would you rather pay someone $30k+ a year for a job or pay the equivalent to keep them in prison?

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Choose a subscription package and begin creating your employer profile by adding your company details.


Identify Allowable Offenses

Identify your risk tolerance based on federal and state guidelines for each job you post. Then, choose allowable offense(s) for each job you list.


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Search and review qualified cloaked candidates and set up interviews. Once an interview is scheduled, the applicant's full profile will be made available.

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InCheck is our Fair Chance screening partner.

Have you evaluated your screening program to ensure candidates are being fairly assessed for a role they are qualified to hold? InCheck can help. By practicing fair chance hiring, you can build a pool of qualified and diverse talent.

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